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Likely not a car part you’ve even heard of or had experience with, but the EGR system in your vehicle is paramount to maintaining your cars emissions levels. Clogs in the system could cost you dearly and severely increase your car’s harmful emissions.

Another emissions reduction tactic automotive manufacturers have turned to in recent years is known as EGR (exhaust gas recirculation). Now common in almost all new diesel cars, these systems simply use a valve to re-direct some of the exhaust gases back into the engine to be burned again. This reduces the temperature at which combustion takes place, reducing the amount of nitrous oxide (harmful to both pedestrians and the ozone) being released from the exhaust.

The EGR system contains a small moving valve that controls the amount of exhaust gas being passed back into the intake manifold. As you would expect with exhaust gasses, they are not the cleanest air to have passed constantly over the valve. Exhaust gasses contain all matter of particles, chief among which is carbon, which will deposit on the valve and cause it to clog after months and years of driving. A valve that will not open will not allow the EGR system to function or your car to run at maximum efficiency. Therefore, removal of this debris build-up is vitally important, with the issue of EGR valves clogging becoming an ever-present one. This can affect all modern cars, but is predominantly present in diesel-powered vehicles.

The Benefits of Using an EGR Cleaner

A lot of people at this stage will simply turn to having their EGR valve removed. However, with increasingly stringent emissions targets, the government have made it mandatory that any car fitted with an EGR valve from the factory must have one present for its MOT. Having the EGR valve removed will increase your cars emissions and make it obvious to the MOT tester that the system has been tampered with and is causing an excess in harmful nitrous oxide emissions.

An EGR cleaner however is fully legally compliant, should clear all the carbon build-up from your EGR valve and allow the vehicle to run efficiently and reliably for the foreseeable future. These cleaners are available across the internet and are surprisingly easy to use. They could prevent you from mechanical breakdowns and will allow you to feel confident in the fact that your vehicle is not emitting excessive pollutants into the atmosphere.

Cleaning the EGR valve will not just give improvements in reliability, but could also increase your engines performance and improve fuel economy, due to the car running at optimum efficiency. Car’s computers are programmed to run at a set of defined values, blocked EGR systems will cause the computer to make adaptations as the car aims to meet set values. This will come at the detriment of fuel economy and/ or performance.

The Best EGR Cleaners on the Market

1. Wynns Diesel EGR Cleaner

wynns diesel egr cleaner

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Wynn’s is a brand well known for their engine additive products, their EGR cleaner therefore comes well recommended and is clearly regarded well by customers. This is backed by achieving 4.1/5 stars on Amazon after over 200 reviews (Aug, 2020). With over 70 years in the marketplace, Wynns has built quite a reputation and is known for impressive products at a reasonable outlay.

Wynns promises their diesel EGR cleaner will clear up the debris deposited within your EGR system and allow your vehicle to run at maximum efficiency once again. The product is designed for use with any diesel vehicle and comes in a handy aerosol can. The cleaner allows for a thorough clean of the EGR internals, removing carbon deposits and freeing stuck valves.


  • Removal of EGR contamination
  • Also cleans air intake systems
  • Save huge amounts compared to garage services


  • More expensive than rival brands

2. STP Diesel EGR Cleaner

stp diesel egr cleaner

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Next is another offering from one of our favourite engine additive brands, STP. Their diesel EGR cleaner promises to give a thorough clean of the EGR and intake system as a whole. The product is designed to remove all the awful deposits sitting within your vehicles EGR system. The aerosol is simply sprayed into the cars intake while running and will pass through the intake and EGR to enable your car to run properly once more.

STP’s diesel cleaner comes highly rated by past customers, retaining a 4.5/5-star rating after over 100 reviews on Amazon (Aug, 2020).


  • Clears all deposit types including carbon, lacquer and tar
  • No need for complicated disassembly or garage services
  • Suitable for all diesel vehicles


  • More expensive than Holts EGR cleaner

3. Holts EGR & Carb Cleaner

holts diesel egr & carb cleaner

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The final offering is also the least expensive here. However, do not confuse this with a poor-quality product. Holts is a well-known brand, particularly when it comes to automotive products. Their EGR cleaner is well rated by customers, achieving a 4.6/5 stars rating on Amazon with over 70 reviews.

Holts promises that their product has the ability to remove deposits on the EGR valve, left by dirty exhaust gasses. Clearing the EGR system and unblocking the valves will allow for performance and efficiency to be restored, while lowering fuel consumption.


  • Large capacity aerosol can
  • Well known and trusted brand
  • Product can also be used on petrol vehicles carburettors to clear deposits


  • Fewer Amazon reviews than rivals

In Conclusion

Any of the solutions here could make a huge difference to the way your vehicle runs and drives, with immediate effect after application. Removing the carbon build-ups and other deposits from the EGR system and associated valve will allow your vehicle to run with the optimum efficiency, as designed by the manufacturer.

Removal of the EGR system is not only ill-advised but also illegal and can vastly increase the emissions of your vehicle. This is not only bad for the environment but also bad for your wallet. Garage services for removal or cleaning of the EGR valve will cost you much more dearly than the products above, as well as taking your car off the road for hours or even days.

Don’t wait till your car starts developing issues, using one of these EGR cleaners will remove current deposits, while regular use will see that large build-ups do not occur and should prevent you from seeing major issues down the road. Prevention is always better than chancing mechanical failure, being stuck on the roadside or limping home is embarrassing and always happens when you need it least.

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