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Turbo chargers, the automotive worlds current engineering solution to all your engine needs. Want more power or torque from an engine? Turbo charger. Want lower emissions and a smaller engine size? Turbo charger. The efficiency, power and emissions standards required from modern engines have led the majority of vehicle manufacturers to offer nearly all product lines with turbo-enhanced combustion engines. They enable small engines to make large power outputs, without the extra emissions and size restraints imposed by a larger engine or one with a greater cylinder count.

Fantastic they may be, but they are not without their issues. Turbo chargers can fail catastrophically, seize and even cause fires within your engine bay, but all these scenarios are almost unheard of in regular use. One common issue that does crop up for modern vehicles however, is clogging of the turbocharger and its internal components.

The exhaust gasses that pass through the turbocharger unit are not the cleanest. The gasses contain unburnt fuel and soot (carbon), carried out of the engine after it’s combustion cycle. This dirty air, which is particularly foul in diesel-engined vehicles, will deposit onto components within the turbo and lead to improper function. Removal and replacement could be one option to solve the issues, though expect a bill running into thousands rather than hundreds of pounds. For a simple, cost-effective solution, that you can implement at home, look no further than one of the turbo cleaning products below.

Why You Should Consider Using a Turbo Cleaner Product

Deposit build-ups in the turbo charger can cause huge issues with inefficient running common due to the readings being sent back to the car’s computer. When the computer picks up on these dodgy readings it will automatically adjust factors like fuelling and ignition. This causes drastic reduction in performance, hideous fuel economy and can even send the vehicle into a “limp home” mode.

Consistent build up of carbon soot over time can cause the turbocharger to seize. A seized turbo is bad news and will likely need garage services to remove the turbo for replacement or deep cleaning work, both very expensive options.

These turbo cleaners work by adding the contents into your next tank of fuel. The mixture will pass through the fuel system and engine before finding its way to the turbo. Improvement in performance and fuel economy should be noticeable almost immediately, as well as preventing issues with further build up if applied at regular intervals as recommended by the manufacturers.

The Best Turbo Cleaners on the Market

1. Forte Diesel Turbo Cleaner

forte diesel turbo cleaner

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The first recommendation for turbo cleaning products comes from Forte, with their diesel specific turbo cleaner. Forte has a good reputation for its engine enhancement products, their turbo cleaner is no exception. The Amazon reviews give an average 4.2/5 stars from over 300 customer reviews. (Aug, 2020)

The product is specially formulated for vehicles with variable geometry turbos (common in modern diesel turbo vehicles), but will work with all diesel vehicles. It promises to remove the maximum amount of soot from within the turbocharger and EGR system too.


  • Specifically formulated for variable geometry turbochargers
  • Cleans the EGR system
  • Reduces soot emissions
  • Compatible with bio diesel vehicles (up to B30)


  • More expensive than Wynns product

2. Wynn’s Diesel Turbo Cleaner

wynns diesel turbo cleaner

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The next offering comes from another highly regarded brand in the vehicle enhancement market, Wynn’s. Their products cover a wide spectrum of automotive needs, while their diesel turbo cleaner appears to be one of their best. This is backed by over 130 Amazon reviews giving a 4.3/5-star rating. (Aug, 2020)

The chemical mixture will make its way through your engine and turbocharger to clear carbon deposits and free sticking vanes for optimum turbo efficiency. Like it’s rivals, it can also help clean other engine components as it passes through the system. Simply add to your next tank of diesel.


  • Least expensive product listed
  • Removal of carbon and unburnt fuel deposits
  • Cleaning affect on the EGR valve
  • Reduces soot emissions
  • Compatible with bio diesel vehicles (up to B30)


  • Smallest capacity of the products listed

3. JLM Lubricants Turbo Cleaner

jlm diesel turbo cleaner

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Our last offering is from a less well-known brand, JLM lubricants. Their reputation appears mixed between average reviews on Amazon and glowing reviews on their own website and via automotive enthusiast forums. Their professional website and instructional videos suggest the company is providing a high-quality product, that may be more advanced than most are willing to pay for.

Their turbo cleaner promises to eliminate the soot particles clogging up your turbo without the need for any disassembly. Like the others, simply pour into a full tank and fuel and drive the vehicle for the product to take effect. They expect noticeable performance improvements before you’ve even used that first tank of fuel.


  • Glowing reputation via website and forums
  • Restores lost performance
  • Reduces soot emissions from exhaust
  • Works with variable geometry turbos


  • Poor Amazon reviews compared with rivals
  • More expensive than Wynns and Forte products
  • No mention of biodiesel compatibility

In Conclusion

Simple to apply and massive in potential gains, turbo cleaners are a product that is becoming ever more relevant in todays modern era of turbocharged engines. Nearly all performance cars of the last 5 years have come fitted with a turbo, while you will struggle to find a diesel vehicle without one made in the last decade.

Trying one of these inexpensive turbo cleaning products could not only save you thousands in garage repair bills, but should give your turbo-powered vehicle an entirely new lease on life. Turbos give huge performance benefits to your vehicle, make sure you are reaping all the rewards you are paying for. Ensure the engine in your vehicle is running at maximum efficiency.

Think of it this way. You will happily spend a little extra for the extra data on your phone, for the mid-range tyres and that slightly plusher sofa. Turbo cleaners simply aim to improve the driving experience of your vehicle, maintain its efficiency and reliability and could save you big in the long run. For the small outlay, there really is a lot to gain and not a lot to lose.

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