The Best DPF Cleaner

What is a DPF?

Diesel particulate filters are an emission regulating device, fitted to most diesel cars for the past two decades. The filter unit is found within the cars exhaust system and is designed to capture soot expelled from the engine.

The aim of the filter is to minimise toxic emissions created by diesel engines.

With tightening emissions targets and new low emission zones appearing in most major UK cities, DPF’s have never held so much relevance within the motoring industry.

Why do I Need to Clean the DPF?

DPF’s only have a limited capacity. Over time they become full, due to the accumulation of soot particles. This will lead to poor engine performance, dashboard warning lights and can cause the car to enter its “limp home” mode (restricted speed and revs). Cars that are used for short journeys will cause soot to build-up more quickly. Cleaning and servicing of this filter however, will ensure that issues do not arise in the longer term.

DPF cleaning additives can give safe and instant results including improved performance, better fuel economy and lower harmful emission levels. DPF cleaning fluids have been on the market for many years now, as vehicle owners search for an alternative to costly garage cleaning/ replacement of the filter unit.

Simply removing the filter to prevent issues is common but is also illegal. Removing the DPF can lead to a fine (up to £1,000) and could invalidate your insurance policy.

5 of the Best DPF Cleaners on the market

Below are a few handpicked products that will ensure longevity and efficient running of your diesel vehicle.

1. Liqui Moly DPF Protector Regenerator

liqui moly best dpf cleaner

Brand: Liqui Moly

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Liqui Moly’s product not only helps to unclog your DPF but also leaves a coating to prevent future issues from arising. The concept behind the solution is that use from initial purchase of your vehicle will prevent the filter from clogging for the entire length of your ownership.

The product promises to optimise combustion, reducing the levels of soot being produced, thereby preventing the blocking of the filter. This will allow you to avoid expensive repairs down the road. Reduced exhaust emissions are yet another benefit of using this product.

Simply add the full can to your fuel tank before adding 50l to 70l of diesel fuel, perform this procedure every 1250 miles.

2. Syprin Diesel Cleaner

syprin dpf cleaner

Brand: Syprin

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Syprin offers a different approach to the issue, their product is use to clean both the DPF and internal engine components such as the fuel injectors. Diesel engines are notorious for soot build-up as a result of inefficient combustion. Syprin’s product will help to clean these surfaces and ensure reliable running of your vehicle. The product also promises to help prevent rust and corrosion of your engine internals, which can lead to very costly engine failures.

For optimum results simply add the contents of the can with around 75l of diesel. This will not only clean your engine and fuel system but, will provide other benefits including better start-up performance and decreased fuel consumption.

3. Redex DPF Cleaner

redex dpf cleaner

Brand: Redex

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Redex’s DPF cleaner is the first of our “traditional” DPF cleaning solutions. This product is mixed with your fuel to create a cleaner output from the engine’s combustion cycle.

As a result, soot produced in the exhaust will burn at a lower temperature. This allows the soot build-up to be naturally passed through the DPF, via exhaust gases created during regular driving (even in stopped traffic). This will also prevent clogging of the filter meaning, like the other products, the product can prolong the service life of the filter, while preventing mechanical issues without the need for costly garage repairs.

For just a few pounds this DPF additive could bring a new lease of life to your diesel vehicle.

Redex DPF Cleaner Full Review

4. Bardahl DPF Cleaner

bardahl dpf cleaner

Brand: Bardahl

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Like the Redex product, Bardahl’s DPF cleaner works to reduce the exhaust temperature at which the soot will be removed from your DPF filter. Lowering the temperature required from 600°C to between 300°C and 350°C. Again, allowing the filter to essentially clean itself during regular driving around town.

The solution is promised to prolong the service life of the DPF filter, while also providing healthier running of your diesel engine and enabling noticeable improvements in both performance and fuel consumption. The DPF cleaner may also prevent costly DPF replacement in the case of complete filter blockage. Simply add to your next tank of diesel to reap the proposed benefits.

5. STP DPF Cleaner

stp dpf cleaner

Brand: STP

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Lastly, is a solution from another industry-leading brand, STP. STP’s DPF fluid works in a similar method to those mentioned above, but with a more targeted focus on removing soot build-up already present within the DPF. Like the competitors, this is promised to enable more efficient running of your engine, lowering fuel consumption and increasing performance.

The solution is highly tested and has been positively reviewed by thousands of real customers. The formula is simply added to your fuel tank at your next fill-up and sets to work right away. It is reported to provide enough cleaning power to clean out a filter that is already causing issues (such as dashboard warning symbols). The solution should be added every 1800 miles for continuous efficient running.


If you own a diesel vehicle and commonly perform short journeys, the small outlay for one of the above products could prolong the life of your DPF filter and save you hundreds. All of these products are highly reviewed and will cost you considerably less than DPF garage services, while also requiring less time and effort.

Some of these products will even go the extra step, cleaning some of your diesel engines internal parts. This will promote efficient running, long-term reliability and excellent performance for your vehicle. The improvement in fuel economy could also lead to these products actually saving you money over the life of your vehicle. This could be just the solution you were looking for.

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