About Us

Czok, the blog that informs and educates everyday motorists and helps you gain some knowledge and understanding of the massive market for automotive products.

We are a growing blog, sharing our experience of the automotive field, building a bigger database of information day by day.

Starting from humble beginnings, Czok has slowly grown and built the library of information and product comparison articles since starting in July 2020.

Unlike competitors, we are UK-based and specialise in giving information for UK readers, specifically tailored to our automotive scene and the environment we drive in.

Our aim is to spread our content as wide as possible, creating a one-stop-shop for vehicle maintenance and enhancement, showing you the best products and helping you understand how they will benefit you.

We don’t believe in gimmicks or pushy sales tactics, just good old-fashioned information and help for everyday motorists.

Meet The Team

matthew czok

Matthew Czok

Marketing Director

jack gill

Jack Gill


lauren m

Lauren M.

Finance Manager