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To put it simply, fuel octane ratings dictate the maximum compression (force) the fuel can withstand before combustion occurs. Essentially, a higher-octane fuel will promote more force from each combustion stroke. This gives an increase in power output, while also promoting more efficient and cleaner burn of the fuel.

Octane boosters have been on the market for decades and are easily used, simply add into your fuel tank where it will mix with the fuel and raise the octane rating. The products are highly trusted and supplied by hundreds of brands worldwide.

Benefits of Using an Octane Booster

As stated above, a higher-octane fuel gives a higher compression combustion, which, once the engine has adapted will result in improved power output, more efficiency and is reported to reduce overall fuel economy. Using an octane booster can also reduce the emissions produced by your vehicle as the higher combustion temperatures prevent detrimental carbon build-up.

Very low octane fuels, such as those available in other countries, may not work well with your vehicle. In the case of driving on to the continent and into countries with poorer octane ratings in their fuel (such as in Eastern Europe), an octane booster could be essential in order for your vehicle to run and drive reliably. Here’s a short guide on some of the best octane boosters currently on sale.

The Best Octane Boosters on the Market

Lucas Oil Octane Booster

lucas oil octane booster

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Lucas Oil are arguably the most well-known American brand for automotive enhancing additives, selling their products across the globe. They claim that their octane booster is up to 3x as powerful as rival offerings, while having the unique selling point of being approved for use in certain motorsport classes. The company have a well-documented history of involvement in motor racing. The brand may not be as well known here in the UK, but it should always be a consideration when considering octane booster products.

Their octane booster is safe for use in all petrol vehicles with fuel injection and carburettors (as fitted on classic vehicles) as well as being suitable for cars fitted with turbochargers and catalytic converters. The raise in octane promotes a cleaner burn within your engine, enabling the removal of carbon deposits, benefitting future running.

Lucas Oil claims that once added, the octane boost will provide an increase in engine performance while also improving fuel economy. The cleaner burn should give lower emissions and enhance the lifespan of both fuel injectors and internal engine parts. One bottle will treat up to 25 gallons of fuel.


  • Globally trusted brand
  • Motorsport approval and testing
  • Improved performance and fuel economy
  • Cleaner burn for lower emissions
  • Reduction of engine carbon build-up


  • Most expensive product listed

Rymax Octane Booster

rymax octane booster

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Rymax may not be one of the better-known automotive additive suppliers but their octane booster is definitely worth a look, being considerably less expensive than Lucas Oil’s product. The octane booster can be used in all petrol engines, both fuel-injected and carburetted as well as those fitted with turbochargers and catalytic converters.

They claim their octane booster can increase the octane rating for up to 60 litres of petrol. Simply add to the tank after each refill for an instant boost in your fuel’s octane rating.

The resulting high-octane fuel should give improvements in both performance and fuel efficiency, while also resulting in a cleaner burn that will refresh and lubricate important engine internal parts, for long term reliability and efficient running. The increase in octane can also help eliminate issues with uneven idling and hesitation caused by poor quality fuel.


  • Raises octane level considerably
  • Cleans engine internals
  • Improve performance and fuel economy
  • Restore efficiency and reliability to your engine


  • Smaller capacity than rivals
  • Required at every tank refill

Silverhook Octane Booster

silverhook octane booster

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Finally, our last octane booster comes from British brand Silverhook, who make all their additives including their impressive octane booster, here in the UK. Their octane booster contains a specially designed formula to improve octane levels to the maximum safe limit. The additive is perfect for use in all petrol-powered vehicles, increasing the octane rating of up to 100 litres of fuel.

Silverhook claims that their octane booster will give improved performance and reduced fuel consumption, thanks to their solution creating a more efficient combustion cycle. The treatment can also prevent engine issues cause by poor quality fuel or fuel that has a sub-optimum octane rating. The cleaner burn should help clean internal engine components and promote more efficient running long after the octane booster has been fully used.

The product is simply added into the fuel tank along with a full tank of fuel, with benefits noticeable almost immediately. The product is safe for use in all petrol-powered fuel injected and carburetted vehicles, as well as those fitted with turbos and catalytic converters (most modern cars in the UK).


  • Least expensive of the three products here
  • Improve performance and fuel economy
  • Reduce chance of poor fuel causing engine troubles
  • Made in the UK


  • Required at every tank refill
  • Less brand status than Lucas Oil

In Conclusion

Running your vehicle on a fuel with a lower octane than that recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer could lead to poor running and even damage to the engine internals. An octane booster could change from a desirable additive into an essential product if travelling to anywhere that fuel quality may be poorer than you expect or are used to.

The performance enhancement offered by octane boosters is unlike almost any other product on the market. Creating a noticeable performance increase for minimal outlay and without any dismantling or hardware changes. This makes it a viable option for those who are less handy with tools or who fancy trying to get the most from their vehicle without the expense, insurance issues and hassle of more intensive modifications.

Octane boosters have been tried and tested for decades and are trusted by thousands of motorists here in the UK. At worst, they will simply lead to your engine running slightly cleaner and more efficiently. Maybe it’s time you treated yourself and your car to a bottle of octane booster.

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