The Best BMW 1 Series Steering Wheel Lock

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We work hard for our possessions, and this usually means that we try everything within our power to keep them safe.

You wouldn’t purposefully leave a pushbike in the middle of a busy town centre with no lock, or all of your house doors open whilst you nip down to the supermarket for a pint of milk. Securing your car is just as important.

As cars get newer, technology improves, and everything generally becomes safer. But all cars have one thing in common – a steering wheel. And if technology were to be bypassed in your BMW 1 Series, the thief still has the chance to get away using a more traditional method – by steering.

Types of steering wheel locks

Fully-enclosed lock

This covers the entire steering wheel, hiding it from view. They are often made from reinforced steel, which makes them harder to cut or break off. And, if a sly thief does manage, the lock will just spin on the wheel and the experience more irritable and time-consuming.

Traditional bar lock

The bar lock has a hook at each end and connects to opposite sides of the steering wheel, preventing it from turning. These are a common design and can be easily removed by key when you are ready to drive. Many bar locks are also designed to effectively shatter glass if escape is needed.

Wheel to pedal lock

A long reinforced steel bar that hooks the brake pedal and steering wheel together. This ensures that the steering wheel will not turn. These can take a little longer to set up but are a worthwhile investment if required.

Things to consider

Ease of use

Some steering wheel locks may have you fighting with the locking mechanism. This might sound good as you are trying to stop your car from being stolen however, you still need to use the car daily and sometimes in a hurry. It would be worth investing in a secure lock that is also user-friendly. And, it won’t end up in the boot next to any other unwanted items, because you have simply given up on it.


Locks come in various sizes. Although larger locks are considered harder to crack, they still need to be stored when not in use. It will also be worth ensuring that the lock you are purchasing will fit your car. Model compatibility lists can usually be found on the manufacturer’s website.


This is an extremely important point. If you buy cheap, you may buy twice – including your car. Ensure you purchase from a well-known source and consider spending that extra little bit.

Vehicle Fitment

Many steering wheel locks are universal. This is due to most steering wheels being of a similar size. Many traditional bar locks can be adjusted to fit wheels that are between 6.5” to 12.5” in diameter with some opening to as much as 14”.

Enclosed steering wheel locks are different, due to them enveloping the entire wheel. These can be purchased in usually small (13.7” to 15.3”) or large (16.4” to 17.7”). If your car has paddle shifters, it may be worth checking that this will fit.

Wheel to pedal locks are designed to stretch a bit further than the bar lock to reach the brake pedal. These often range from 21.7” to 31.5”(as long as the steering wheel is in the 85cm range).

It is worth checking the lock manufacturer’s compatibility list, if possible, to ensure your lock will fit correctly.


Although nothing is 100% guaranteed, taking extra precautions to secure your car is vital. Steering wheel locks not only stop your wheel from moving, but visually they can be enough to keep thieves at bay.

It’s worth investing in well-known and tested brands.

The best BMW 1 Series (All Variants) steering wheel locks

stoplock pro elite steering wheel lock disklok steering wheel lock tevlaphee pedal wheel lock streetwize urban x steering wheel lock milenco steering wheel lock
Product Stoplock Pro Elite Steering Wheel Lock Disklok Full Cover Steering Wheel Lock Tevlaphee Pedal To Wheel Lock Streetwize Urban X Steering Wheel Lock Milenco High-Security Steering Wheel Lock
Dimensions 69.7x115x132 cm 50x50x20 cm 38.1×15.2×7.6 cm 41x9x40 cm 60×12.8×5 cm
Mechanism Twin-mount fork. Quick-lock/ unlock Hinged folding mechanism Triple extending joint Solid cover with a securing bar Bar mechanism. Quick-lock/unlock
Weight 3kg 4.5kg 680g 3kg 2.3kg
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Prices last updated on 30-11-2023

Stoplock Pro Elite Steering Wheel Lock

stoplock pro elite steering wheel lock

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Stoplock is the UK’s leading car security brand, with over 20 years of experience creating vehicle locks. The Pro Elite is Stoplock’s range-topping car lock and it provides a more universal fitment in comparison to its siblings.

It only takes a few seconds to deploy or remove the Pro Elite and is classed as a category 3 Thatcham device. It’s also painted yellow to remind thieves that removal won’t be easy.

It is worth noting that the Pro Elite 69.7cm long and will need to be stored when not in use.

Dimensions: 69.7x115x132

Mechanism: Twin-mount fork. Quick-lock/ unlock

Weight: 3kg


  • Quick removal/ install.
  • Visual Deterrent.
  • Has a lifetime guarantee.
  • Features a deeper bend to cover a variety of steering wheels.
  • Comes with a storage bag.
  • Has a unique key code.


  • May be difficult to store.
  • Might be bulky for some drivers.

Disklok Full Cover Steering Wheel Lock

disklok steering wheel lock

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Disklok claims that they make the UK’s strongest steering wheel lock and is offered in a variety of sizes, covering everything from cars to vans.

The Disklok steering wheel lock is a large reinforced steel cover that envelopes the entire wheel. It is hinged at the bottom, allowing you to wrap it around the wheel and lock it into place – the key is not required here, so ensure you haven’t misplaced it somewhere first.

As the small size will fit a great variety of cars – including the BMW 1 Series – the Disklok will allow adjustment of up to 2.5cm. The lock should be tight enough so that it spins on the wheel but cannot be removed. An additional elasticated steering wheel cover can be purchased, to stop any marking when the lock is applied.

Dimensions: 50x50x20

Mechanism: Hinged folding mechanism

Weight: 4.5kg


  • Anti-drill and anti-pick barrel.
  • Soft inner lining.
  • Comes with three keys.
  • Large deterrent.
  • Three-year warranty.


  • Tricky at first to fit.
  • Can trap fingers.
  • Will require a decent amount of boot space.
  • It may not fit cars with paddle shifters.

Tevlaphee Pedal To Wheel Lock

tevlaphee pedal wheel lock

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Although Tevlaphee may not be as well-known as Dislok or Stoplock, they still make a fantastic pedal to wheel lock and it’s affordable. Made entirely of aluminium and steel, this pedal to wheel lock not only secures your car but acts as an emergency glass shattering tool.

It has a two-stage telescopic rod, allowing you to adjust accordingly. The first section extends to 58cm and the second to 85cm.

According to the manufacturer, it will take someone 45 minutes to cut through all 3 sections. The lock also has a protective cover, which hides the key entry.

Dimensions: 38.1×15.2×7.6

Mechanism: Triple extending joint

Weight: 680g


  • Is adaptable.
  • Comes with three keys.
  • Features inner layer straps to protect steering wheels.
  • Can be folded down and easily stored.


  • Not as well-known as some competitors.
  • May not fit every car.
  • Is not as visually deterrent as competitors.

Streetwize Urban X Steering Wheel Lock

streetwize urban x steering wheel lock

Check out the latest price on Amazon

Much like the Dislock, the Streetwize Urban X covers the entire steering wheel. Again, it’s made entirely of reinforced steel and will fit any car as long as the wheel is no larger than 39cm.

Unlike the Dislock however, the Urban X does not split apart. Instead, the lock is placed over the wheel and a bar slides through the side, locking it in place.

The Urban X will also come with four pads that attach to the inside, allowing for a tighter fit to the wheel. The downside is that it will, again, take up a fair amount of storage space.

Dimensions: 41x9x40

Mechanism: Solid cover with a securing bar.

Weight: 3kg


  • Visual deterrent.
  • Cheaper than competitors.
  • Comes with two keys.
  • Comes with a storage bag.


  • Only one year warranty.
  • No steering wheel protection.

Milenco High-Security Steering Wheel Lock

milenco steering wheel lock

Check out the latest price on Amazon

Milenco pride itself on being the world leader in mechanical security products for over 30 years. Their top product is the High-Security Lock and it works similarly way to the traditional bar lock.

It features a brace that slides over the top of the steering wheel and when the key is turned, two mechanical locks join the steel bar to the brace. And, this makes for quite a user-friendly experience.

The High-Security Lock was re-designed to exceed the Sold Secure Gold standard. Which is the highest level of security lock currently on offer.

Dimensions: 60×12.8×5

Mechanism: Bar mechanism. Quick-lock/unlock

Weight: 2.3kg


  • It features one of the best locks available on the market.
  • Comes with three keys.
  • Visual deterrent.
  • Easy to use.


  • It is heavy and a few people have experienced light steering wheel damage.
  • Storage may be difficult due to weight and length

In Conclusion

By having a steering wheel lock, you are travelling that extra mile to secure what is rightfully yours.

And, visually a vibrant steering wheel lock may force criminals to find an easier target.

Check the manufacturer’s website to ensure your new steering wheel lock will fit snug onto the wheel of your BMW 1 Series.

Many options on the market will suit any budget. However, you will want something reliable and robust and, something that is also easy to remove – when you have the key that is.

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