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The key to a great car is often thought of as being a perfect powertrain. The way a car pulls down the road is all too commonly assumed to be the be all and end all of a vehicle’s character. However, in reality, although a great engine is important in a car, it is the way a car handles and how the steering responds to your touch that separates just a good car from something truly special. Needless to say, this is not something all car makers get right from factory. Everyone is different and will ask different things from the car they buy – whether that be a comfortable cruiser for taking them to business meetings up and down the country, or more likely for those of you reading this – a planted, confidence inspiring driver’s car that will rip about a great road with ease. One way that you are able to push any car in this direction is with a set of premium coilovers. Tuning the suspension of your vehicle will do wonders for its handling, allowing you to turn your daily driver into a car that will easily hold its own through the chicane at Silverstone. The only thing that usually stops people investing in such things is the cost – good coilovers can be very, very expensive. Fortunately, Czok have partnered with a variety of suppliers to offer you exclusive promo codes, giving you discounts on all the best brands when it comes to fresh suspension. Just enter the voucher code you see below at the checkout to redeem an exclusive deal and get your car one step closer to being race ready.

Updated on: 23rd June 2022

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