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BC Racing Coilovers V1 Series Type VN – ZD-01



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SKU: ZD-01-V1-VN


As oil heats up, so its viscosity is altered, and this affects its performance. This is a problem for many coilovers and other damping systems because their moving parts cause friction, and this friction causes the oil to get warmer, thus affecting the coilover’s performance. One way to limit the drop in performance is to use a high-quality oil that is not affected so much by heat, and V1 series coilovers do exactly this. Another method is to use more oil because when you have more oil, it takes more heat to increase its temperature.

In addition to a high-quality oil, V1 series coilovers also help ensure excellent performance by having a high oil capacity. With a 50mm damper body and a 44mm diameter piston, V1 series coilovers are able to hold more oil than standard coilovers can. This means that the oil is less affected by heat than they otherwise would be and this, in turn, means the coilovers are able to maintain their high performance levels.

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