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Subaru Impreza Short Shifters

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A Subaru Impreza short shifter is an upgrade that can really help you to get excellent response times from your engine. If you are considering initial upgrades for your car, a short shifter should be on your list.

When a car’s engine changes gears, the transmission will be temporarily disconnected from the engine so that the change can be made. During this short time, the vehicle is receiving no power from the engine, and this will affect its performance. A Subaru Impreza short shifter works by shortening the distance of the action you need to take when manually changing gears with the gear stick. This helps to ensure that gear shifts are made as quickly as possible, keeping the engine powering the car almost continuously. This improved response will mean that the driver is able to accelerate faster. A Subaru Impreza short shifter is one of the easiest and most affordable upgrades to make and is a must for many car enthusiasts.