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Subaru Impreza Transmission Parts

  • Clutches


    A Subaru Impreza clutch can be one of the most important upgrades to any performance vehicle. It should be considered if you are hoping to increase the power of your engine. When you change gear, it is necessary to first disengage the engine from the transmission. Drivers do this by pushing their foot down on the clutch pedal, before releasing it again when the gear change has been made. An upgraded Subaru Impreza clutch can help drivers to make changes faster than otherwise, helping them to get more from the engine. An improved clutch will also have more holding power, which can be necessary because it will allow it to handle a more powerful engine. A standard factory clutch may not be able to deal with the increased power that comes from an engine upgrade. This means that a Subaru Impreza clutch kit should definitely be a consideration for anybody that is planning on having their engine upgraded.
  • Short Shifters

    Short Shifters

    A Subaru Impreza short shifter is an upgrade that can really help you to get excellent response times from your engine. If you are considering initial upgrades for your car, a short shifter should be on your list. When a car’s engine changes gears, the transmission will be temporarily disconnected from the engine so that the change can be made. During this short time, the vehicle is receiving no power from the engine, and this will affect its performance. A Subaru Impreza short shifter works by shortening the distance of the action you need to take when manually changing gears with the gear stick. This helps to ensure that gear shifts are made as quickly as possible, keeping the engine powering the car almost continuously. This improved response will mean that the driver is able to accelerate faster. A Subaru Impreza short shifter is one of the easiest and most affordable upgrades to make and is a must for many car enthusiasts.

Upgrading the transmission is often among the first car upgrades people choose. Subaru Impreza transmission parts can help your car to be more responsive than it otherwise would be.

There are various different parts of a transmission, all of which have a particular task. Upgraded gear sets will adjust the gear ratios, allowing for greater acceleration. It will also often mean adding additional gears to the transmission. Subaru Impreza transmission parts will also often include clutch upgrades. These provide shorter shifting times, giving the driver more response from the engine. There is also the transmission fluid to consider. A good quality transmission fluid will also help improve response, and it is recommended to change this fluid once a month or so to maintain responsive shifting times. If you are improving the overall power of your engine, it is a good idea to get upgraded Subaru Impreza transmission parts to help you make the most of that power.