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Subaru Impreza Suspension

  • Air Suspension

    Air Suspension

  • Anti-Roll Bars

    Anti-Roll Bars (5)

    Also known as stabiliser bars or anti-sway bars, anti-roll bars are a very popular modification due to their simplicity to fit and the fact that have a significant impact on the handling and performance of your car. Subaru Impreza anti-roll bars improve your car’s ability to corner at high speed and make sudden turns, helping to distribute the weight evenly and prevent your car from ending up on its roof – always a good thing!
  • Bushes


  • Chassis Braces

    Chassis Braces (24)

  • Coilovers

    Coilovers (35)

    For anybody that is looking to enhance their car’s road-handling, Subaru Impreza coilovers are an upgrade you should consider. Your vehicle’s suspension is one of the most important aspects when it comes to road handling. A good suspension system will help to keep your tires firmly on the road surface while also helping the car to remain upright while cornering. The suspension will also affect the smoothness of your ride. Coilovers consist of both a damper and a coiled spring over the damper. The coiled spring helps to absorb the shock from imperfections in the road, while the damper will dampen any bouncing of the spring. Subaru Impreza coilovers are also adjustable so you can tune your car with more precision. They allow you to lower your ride height for better grip, while also enabling adjustments that will improve your car’s cornering. Lowering the ride height of your vehicle will also help to improve its aesthetic appeal.
  • Drop Links

    Drop Links

  • Fender Bars

    Fender Bars (2)

  • Lowering Springs

    Lowering Springs

    Lowering springs are simple performance parts that can give your Subaru Impreza a lower, sportier look. Although it’s primarily an aesthetic choice, Subaru Impreza lowering springs also have some performance advantages, with improved handling, better aerodynamics and in some cases, more comfort for the driver.
  • Shock Absorbers

    Shock Absorbers

  • Strut Braces

    Strut Braces (7)

    Subaru Impreza strut braces are one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to improve the performance of your car. Strut braces attach to the suspension mounting points to reduce chassis flex, strengthen the suspension turrets and keep the suspension strong and stable when cornering. In performance terms, that leads to improved road handling, reduced body roll and less tyre wear.
  • Suspension Kits

    Suspension Kits

  • Top Mounts

    Top Mounts

When it comes to upgrading your car’s road handling ability, a Subaru Impreza suspension upgrade is among the first you should consider. Subaru Impreza suspension will help to enhance various aspects of how your vehicle performs, and such upgrades are a necessity for a lot of people who want more from their machine.

A Subaru Impreza suspension upgrade will help to give your tires more grip to the surface of the road. This will improve acceleration and deceleration, while more grip will also help your vehicle stay firmly on the road when cornering at speed.

Upgrading your car’s suspension can be costly, but thankfully you don’t have to upgrade the entire system. There are a wide range of Subaru Impreza performance suspension parts available that allow you to carry out upgrades that are both affordable and effective. Once the upgrade is performed, you will likely notice a significant difference in how your car handles on the road.