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Subaru Impreza Induction Kits

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A Subaru Impreza induction kit is one of the first performance upgrades that many people use.

The job of an air filter is to prevent particles from getting into the engine and causing damage. They also help to muffle engine sounds. The filter is usually held in an airbox, but this airbox will tend to restrict the flow of air into the engine. The airbox will also usually sit on top of the engine and this means the engine will be fed hot air.

A Subaru Impreza induction kit is a type of engine filter that is usually cone-shaped and fitted to the end of a tube that feeds directly into the engine. These filters are not held in a box, meaning the air-flow is not restricted and the filters can be placed where they have access to relatively cool air. This means your engine is fed with more oxygen, giving more power, while also giving you that characteristic induction roar.