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Subaru Impreza Dump Valves

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A Subaru Impreza dump valve will help to prevent compression surge, helping to prolong the life of your turbo. They can also give you a boost in performance by improving response.

Even after you lift your foot off the accelerator, air continues to flow into the turbo from the compressor. With access to the engine now blocked, the air has nowhere to go except back through the compressor again. This causes a fluttering sound as the air is forced back over the compressor’s blades. This will not only sound unusual, but the increased air pressure can result in increased wear and tear.

Installing a Subaru Impreza blow off valve will give this air an alternative escape route. This prevents a build-up of pressure in the turbo while also preventing it from being forced back through the turbo compressor. This removes that unusual sound and also helps to keep your turbo in great condition for longer.