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Subaru Impreza Performance Parts

  • Brakes


    Subaru Impreza brakes are a popular upgrade that will help to enhance the performance and safety of your car. A car’s braking system works by pushing the brake pad against the brake disc. This creates friction that causes the shaft to slow down, thus causing your vehicle to slow down and come to a halt. Brakes are standard in all cars, but they are only usually designed for everyday driving and not for high performance. Standard brakes can easily overheat if they are made to work too hard and this will decrease their effectiveness. A Subaru Impreza brake upgrade, however, will give you a more effective design, using more advanced materials. This means that they can handle more heavy braking, while also helping to stop your vehicle faster when cool. This is a must-have upgrade for anybody that is hoping to increase the overall performance of their vehicle.
  • Engine


  • Exhausts

    Exhausts (26)

    A Subaru Impreza performance exhaust is one of the simplest of upgrades you can undertake on your car. When your engine burns fuel, it creates fumes and these fumes have to have a way to escape. The exhaust allows these fumes to escape and they are a standard feature on combustion engines. Standard exhausts don’t always allow the fumes to pass out freely, however, and this can cause backpressure. This backpressure will limit how much more oxygen the engine can draw in, thus impeding performance. A Subaru Impreza exhaust is designed to allow the maximum flow of fumes out from the engine. This, in turn, means the engine can suck in more oxygen to use as fuel, giving your engine a welcome boost in horsepower. A performance exhaust is also likely to be lighter, offering a further improvement on performance. A Subaru Impreza performance exhaust will also help give your machine a satisfying roar.
  • Exterior


  • Interior


  • Service Parts

    Service Parts

  • Steering


  • Suspension

    Suspension (53)

    Upgrading your suspension is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make your driving experience better than ever. Subaru Impreza performance suspension will improve the overall performance of your car, boosting the efficiency of your brakes and allowing you to take corners at higher speeds. Rather than a full suspension kit, all you might need is a few parts to improve your vehicle’s performance significantly.
  • Transmission


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