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Subaru Impreza Performance Parts

  • Brakes


    Subaru Impreza brakes are a popular upgrade that will help to enhance the performance and safety of your car. A car’s braking system works by pushing the brake pad against the brake disc. This creates friction that causes the shaft to slow down, thus causing your vehicle to slow down and come to a halt. Brakes are standard in all cars, but they are only usually designed for everyday driving and not for high performance. Standard brakes can easily overheat if they are made to work too hard and this will decrease their effectiveness. A Subaru Impreza brake upgrade, however, will give you a more effective design, using more advanced materials. This means that they can handle more heavy braking, while also helping to stop your vehicle faster when cool. This is a must-have upgrade for anybody that is hoping to increase the overall performance of their vehicle.
  • Engine


    When it comes to upgrading your car, the engine is the first component that many people look to. Subaru Impreza engine parts will help give you the boost in power that you are looking for. There are various types of engine upgrades available, each of which performs a different function. The type of upgrades you perform will depend largely on your budget, the type of engine you have, and what you hope to gain from the upgrade. Many Subaru Impreza engine parts can be performed by relative novices while other, more complex upgrades, are ideal for experienced enthusiasts. Regardless of the upgrade you choose, you can expect an improvement in your car’s horsepower. This will mean that you can accelerate faster and also reach a higher top speed. Installing upgraded Subaru Impreza engine parts can also help to give your engine an impressive roar that makes it clear you are behind the wheel of a performance vehicle.
  • Exhausts

    Exhausts (3)

    A Subaru Impreza performance exhaust is one of the simplest of upgrades you can undertake on your car. When your engine burns fuel, it creates fumes and these fumes have to have a way to escape. The exhaust allows these fumes to escape and they are a standard feature on combustion engines. Standard exhausts don’t always allow the fumes to pass out freely, however, and this can cause backpressure. This backpressure will limit how much more oxygen the engine can draw in, thus impeding performance. A Subaru Impreza exhaust is designed to allow the maximum flow of fumes out from the engine. This, in turn, means the engine can suck in more oxygen to use as fuel, giving your engine a welcome boost in horsepower. A performance exhaust is also likely to be lighter, offering a further improvement on performance. A Subaru Impreza performance exhaust will also help give your machine a satisfying roar.
  • Exterior


    Some Subaru Impreza exterior parts can be just as important for your vehicle’s performance as internal performance upgrades. Exterior parts are among the most popular of all car upgrades. Spoilers will help to create turbulence that will help to push your wheels down onto the road surface, giving you more grip. This will mean more acceleration, a higher top speed, and greater cornering ability. Subaru Impreza exterior mods can also help to make your car more streamlined, causing it to cut through the air easier, again increasing performance. As well as enhancing performance, Subaru Impreza exterior accessories make your vehicle really look the part. For a lot of people, it is important that their car looks as good as it performs on the road. Regardless of whether they are to enhance performance or looks, Subaru Impreza exterior parts are one of the first upgrades that many car enthusiasts turn to.
  • Interior


    For car enthusiasts, interior parts can be just as important as performance upgrades. Subaru Impreza interior parts can help to make your vehicle a lot more comfortable, and can even help you to get more from your machine. Parts such as sport seats and steering wheels can help drivers to get more response from their vehicles. Subaru Impreza interior mods can also include electronics. These can provide entertainment while you are using your car, while they can also serve more practical purposes such as navigation assistance. Perhaps one of the most pleasing aspects of Subaru Impreza interior accessories is the aesthetic appeal they can provide, making your car look great in addition to performing great. With a wide selection of Subaru Impreza interior parts available, you can get your car just as you like it. You can also make your car more comfortable and more impressive for passengers, while also improving its appeal should you need to sell the car at some point.
  • Service Parts

    Service Parts

  • Steering


  • Suspension

    Suspension (73)

    When it comes to upgrading your car’s road handling ability, a Subaru Impreza suspension upgrade is among the first you should consider. Subaru Impreza suspension will help to enhance various aspects of how your vehicle performs, and such upgrades are a necessity for a lot of people who want more from their machine. A Subaru Impreza suspension upgrade will help to give your tires more grip to the surface of the road. This will improve acceleration and deceleration, while more grip will also help your vehicle stay firmly on the road when cornering at speed. Upgrading your car’s suspension can be costly, but thankfully you don’t have to upgrade the entire system. There are a wide range of Subaru Impreza performance suspension parts available that allow you to carry out upgrades that are both affordable and effective. Once the upgrade is performed, you will likely notice a significant difference in how your car handles on the road.
  • Transmission


    Upgrading the transmission is often among the first car upgrades people choose. Subaru Impreza transmission parts can help your car to be more responsive than it otherwise would be. There are various different parts of a transmission, all of which have a particular task. Upgraded gear sets will adjust the gear ratios, allowing for greater acceleration. It will also often mean adding additional gears to the transmission. Subaru Impreza transmission parts will also often include clutch upgrades. These provide shorter shifting times, giving the driver more response from the engine. There is also the transmission fluid to consider. A good quality transmission fluid will also help improve response, and it is recommended to change this fluid once a month or so to maintain responsive shifting times. If you are improving the overall power of your engine, it is a good idea to get upgraded Subaru Impreza transmission parts to help you make the most of that power.

If you love driving, you will probably want something that is fast, comfortable, and handles well. This might mean exchanging your car for a better model, although it could also mean upgrading your current car with Subaru Impreza performance parts.

Subaru Impreza tuning often means giving the engine a boost in horsepower. This will give you a higher top speed and also allow you to accelerate faster. If you are upgrading your machine for more speed, you will also need performance brakes to help you slow down safely. In addition to increasing speed, Subaru Impreza upgrades can also help to improve cornering and overall response.

As well as helping you to go faster, Subaru Impreza performance parts can also help keep you safe and keep your machine in good working order. In addition, they can be very aesthetically pleasing and can also help to give your machine a satisfying sound that will turn heads.