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Mercedes A Class Downpipes

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Mercedes A Class downpipes are a popular upgrade for car enthusiasts that have turbocharged performance cars. They can help to give your machine a considerable boost in horsepower.

Downpipes are a kind of exhaust that allows exhaust gases to flow into the exhaust system, away from the turbine housing. It is important that these gases can flow freely from the turbo housing because gas flow restrictions could otherwise affect spool-up times, and this can reduce performance. While most turbo engines are fitted with downpipes, they don’t always allow the exhaust to flow as freely as aftermarket options. A Mercedes A Class downpipe is designed to maximise the flow of gases. They will also incorporate a catalytic convertor of an advanced design to maximise air-flow, or even remove it altogether.

While a downpipe will provide little to no benefit to cars with non-turbo charged engines, they can provide a significant boost to those with a turbocharger.