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BC Racing offers several coilover suspension systems for plenty of different budgets and needs. From the affordable entry-level V1 Series to the 3-way adjustable ZR Series, there are options for street use, circuit use, and everything in-between. Each series has its pros and cons but there a few features that almost every coilover includes.

The oil in BC Racing’s coilovers provides more consistent performance and won’t degrade as quickly as cheaper oils. Under compression and rebound, the motion of the damper rod heats the oil and lower-quality oils’ characteristics will change and affect performance and handling. The quality oil used in these coilovers means that oil temperature, and subsequently performance, is more consistent.

You can also adjust the lower spring platform and set up your car for cornering. After all, to get the most out of your tyres, you need to ensure that each one is doing its fair share of the work in terms of load so that you get the maximum overall grip to increase corner speed.

The BC Racing coilovers also let you change your ride height. In addition to looking much better, a lowered ride height will lower your car’s centre of gravity and improve stability through the corners.

With damping adjustment as standard, you can alter the way the car handles. This gives you better control over how much understeer and oversteer you get, improve your cornering, and result in faster lap times.

The coil springs are also a quality piece of kit and are tested half a million times with under 5% deformation. They’re ready for what you can throw at them.

BR Series

The BR Series features are street and circuit coilovers and one of the most affordable in BC Racing’s range. These coilovers include all the standard key features such as 30-way adjustable damping, ride height adjustment, spring platform adjustment, and camber adjustment.

The BR Series is engineered for both street and circuit performance, making it a great all-rounder option, especially at a lower price. Though they’re slightly more expensive than the entry-level V1 Series, they’re probably the better option pound-for-pound for replacing your stock suspension with a quality set of coilovers.

RM Series

The RM Series include most of the features of the BR Series as well as the benefits offered by adjustable monotube inverted dampers. These can reduce the unsprung weight and the heat transfer to the gas and oil reservoir. The inverted damper rods reduce flex and will give you responsive steering and predictable handling

The less the oil temperature changes, the more consistent the performance out of your coilovers will be. On both streets and circuits, braking will generate heat that spreads to the damper. With the oil reservoir away from the hub assembly, temperature changes are reduced and you get more consistent performance out of the RM Series coilovers.

ER Series

The ER Series’ includes an external reservoir which gives your damper units increased oil capacity. This leads to less variation in the viscosity of the oil resulting in more consistent and better performance from your suspension.

With the ER Series, you also get separate compression and rebound damping adjustment. This means that you can adjust your suspension to transfer weight onto the front tyres under braking without understeer.

Similarly, once you come off the brakes into a corner, you don’t want to take the load off the front end too quickly as this can also result in understeer. The ER Series will let you fine-tune the roll onto the front tyres under braking so that you can turn in as you come off the brakes, get on the loud pedal sooner, and ultimately reach your top speed for the following straight.

V1 Series

The V1 Series are BC Racing’s most affordable coilover and are designed with both street and circuit use in mind. Like all of BC Racing’s other coilovers, the V1 Series includes adjustable damping, adjustable spring platforms, adjustable ride height, and camber adjustable top mounts.

These are a great entry-level performance replacement for the stock suspension on your car if you’re looking for improved handling and adjustability on the road or on a track.

The V1 Series might be BC Racing’s cheapest range, but they’re no joke.

DS Series

The DS Series includes many of the benefits offered by the BR Series but are designed with more track use in mind. The adjustable lower spring platforms allows you to set up your car for through the corners and get the most out of your tyres.

They come with all the same setup adjustment options as BC Racing’s over coilovers and are essentially the circuit version of the BR Series.

Thanks to digressive valving, you’ll get more stability resulting in higher speeds through the corners and ultimately, better lap times.

HM Series

Much like the RM Series, the HM Series also features inverted monotube dampers but these coilovers are definitely designed for circuit use. With the oil reservoir away from heat sources, there’ll be less damper fade when your car’s being put through its paces on track.

You also get 2-way damping adjustment which can help you combat understeer as you come off the brakes by reducing the speed at which the front tyres unload. This means that you can turn in better, hit that apex, and increase your exit speed from the corner to get up to speed for the next straight.

ZR Series

The ZR Series includes 3-way adjustable dampening controls, inverted monotube dampers, and full height adjustability.

These coilovers are BC Racing’s flagship model and offer unparalleled performance for their price. They’re engineered with demanding circuit use in mind and are without a doubt, BC Racing’s best offering.

You’ll get 30 clicks of rebound adjustment, 15 clicks of low speed compression adjustment, and 12 clicks of high speed compression adjustment. Most models also feature the inverted damper design allowing for a more consistent temperature in the oil and, therefore, more consistent performance