Wynn’s DPF Cleaner Review

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Our Verdict

A cost effective, well trusted product for cleaning your diesel particulate filter. Wynn’s DPF cleaner promises effective performance and longevity for your engine

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Why You Need Wynn’s DPF Cleaner

DPF’s in diesel vehicles get jam-packed with soot particles expelled from your engine. Eventually they reach the limit of their capacity. A blocked filter is certainly no good for your car’s engine. It can result in inefficient running, reduced fuel economy and mechanical failures if left unattended to.

Preventative maintenance should be a top priority to ensure reliability. DPF issues can be fixed through a garage, though will cost hundreds of pounds. So, for those that want the solution without large outlays look no further than a DPF cleaner such as this product from Wynn’s.

Wynn’s DPF Cleaner in Detail

Wynn’s DPF cleaner works to reduce the amount of soot produced by your diesel engine while also cleaning the DPF. This product allows for soot to be cleaned from your DPF during regular driving, without the need for expensive dismantling of the exhaust system.


Reducing soot build-up will promote more efficient running, while the also promising to remove blockages causing poor running and reliability issues.


Simply pour the entire bottle into your fuel tank and mix with at least 40l of diesel fuel. It is recommended to take the car on a 6+ mile drive to ensure the additive can mix with the fuel and activate correctly.

Wynn’s DPF Cleaner Reviews from the Web

­With over 150 Amazon reviews and nearly 100 reviews on eBay (July, 2020), the customer consensus is clear, 4.5/5 stars awarded across both platforms shows outstanding results for the product and likely many returning customers.

Buying from Wynn’s should give you good confidence in the product, the brand is known for its excellent quality and effective products across its line-up. A company supplying vehicle additive products for over 80 years must be doing something right.

Wynn’s DPF Cleaner FAQ’s

Is It Safe for My Engine?

Wynn’s formula is promised to be safe for use in any diesel engine with a particulate filter. Ensure that you do not to get the product on your skin or the vehicles paint. Fill with a minimum of 40l of diesel to ensure best results.

How Often Should I Use Wynn’s DPF Cleaner?

Wynn’s recommends using their DPF cleaner at every 3rd refill. This is industry standard and promises to help prevent issues from arising in the long term. Following the instructions to the letter should mean optimum results though it is generally agreed by many customers that using the product a little less often still gives perfect results for a lower outlay.

Will the Cleaner Unblock my DPF and Clear the EML light?

Used correctly, Wynn’s DPF cleaner should be able to unblock the soot currently stuck in your DPF filter, eliminating the EML light where DPF filter blockage issues are the main cause.

Other issues may be causing the light however, so despite being a top-quality product, the DPF cleaner cannot fix other engine maladies that may be causing poor running. It is no miracle cure for all diesel engine maladies.

Couldn’t a Mechanic Solve the Problem?

A trusted garage could solve your issues via replacement or removal of the DPF. However, replacement services can cost up to £1000, while removal is illegal (could land you a hefty fine) and will likely result in an MOT failure.

In Conclusion

Hundreds of 5-star internet reviews, glowing customer satisfaction rates and a highly trusted manufacturer. Those looking for an additive fluid to help combat their DPF woes won’t go far wrong with Wynn’s DPF cleaner.

When it comes to giving your car the best chance of running effortlessly during your ownership, a DPF cleaner is one of the smaller investments you will make. Just because it isn’t part of your usual service schedule it doesn’t mean it can’t cause big issues. Be proactive with your vehicle care rather than reactive.

The only downside to this product is that there are many rival brands offering DPF cleaning solutions for similar or even less outlay. At £8-£10 per bottle it isn’t the cheapest product available on the market, especially if used every 3rd fill, as stated. However, industry leading performance and a satisfied customer base for over 80 years shows that Wynn’s DPF cleaner is a product you should definitely have on your shortlist.

Wynn’s is just one brand offering products to cure DPF issues, to learn about some competitive products check out our article outlining 5 of the best DPF cleaners.

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