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Our Verdict

It may not be the “cure all” for rust that some believe it be however, Hammerite’s Kurust product is undoubtedly a great product to halt rust growth on your vehicle. Easy to apply, inexpensive to purchase and highly recommended by customers, it gets our seal of approval for rusty metal revival.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

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Why You Need Hammerite Kurust

Rust can be a massive problem for cars here in the UK. Wet weather, heavily-salted roads and unattended paintwork damage being just some of the reasons for rust to form. Left unattended rusty metal in your vehicle could lead to an MOT failure, expensive repairs and even structural failures in the event of an incident.

Rust is a reaction of metal with oxygen, left unattended it will spread through your cars metal work. Not only is this unsightly but will weaken the vehicles structure making it highly dangerous to drive on the public road.

There are two ways to stop rust; treatment or removal. Removal processes are extremely labour intensive, often require specialist tools and can leave you without your vehicle for weeks. For smaller areas of surface rust therefore, treatment products such as Hammerite Kurust are an ideal product that could prolong the life of your vehicle while also ensuring you and your family’s safety.

Hammerite Kurust in Detail

Kurust is designed, not to remove all rust, but to take small patches of surface corrosion and bring them back to a non-corrosive state. This can be topped with a protective coat or used to stop rust spreading as a temporary measure. The product is simply applied to the metal surface, after removal of loose surface rust (e.g. wire brushed). The Kurust will then react with the rust and turn a blue/black colour to show the reaction. Hammerite promises that Kurust:

  • Can be applied directly to rust, no primer required
  • Can be painted over within 3 hours
  • Is simple to apply, no need to rinse
  • Converts oxidised iron back to a stable metal

Hammerite Kurust Reviews from the Web

Hammerite Kurust opinions between customer reviews from sites that sell the product and advice given on forums can be conflicting. After nearly 1000 ratings on Amazon, over 50 Halfords reviews and over 50 Google reviews (Aug 2020), the product holds a rating over 4.5/5 stars across all platforms.

Forum advice however is more of a mixed bag, with many commenting that Kurust is not a long-term solution, only for small areas of rust and not capable of treating rust found deep into the metal. In fairness to the product, it does not make claims to remove corrosion deeply ingrained into the metal. Though opinions from some forum members appear to show better results from alternative brands product lines.

Hammerite Kurust FAQ’s

Can You Paint Over Kurust?

Once dried, a topcoat of paint can be applied over Kurust to give the desired colour finish and protect the Kurust coating beneath. This will help inhibit future rust and give a more pleasing finish.

Can I Use Kurust on Painted Metal Surfaces?

Kurust requires bare metal in order to react effectively and stop oxidisation, it cannot penetrate sufficiently through layers of paint, but may damage painted surfaces. Therefore, the paint must be removed from all rusty surfaces before application.

Is Kurust Just for Cars?

No, Kurust can be used on any metal items. It is actually designed to be used for outdoor home furnishings such as BBQ’s and garden furniture. Use on any metal surfaces with corrosion.

Hammerite Kurust Alternatives

Dinitrol RC800 – A product directed more towards professional use and sold in larger quantities. Recommended for those that want rust conversion for larger scale surface corrosion or for multiple vehicle applications.

Jenolite Rust Converter – Similar in principle to Hammerite Kurust. Well reviewed and similarly priced to Hammerite’s product. Though comes in a smaller capacity and is not as readily available.


Rust on your car’s metalwork can be an immense problem. An issue that often goes unnoticed by thousands of vehicle owners. Often, those that do spot the brown virus spreading through their vehicle’s structure shy away from treating the problem. Some attempt to sell a potentially dangerous vehicle, while others may wait for the MOT failure and following bill that leads to their car being scrapped.

Don’t be another victim of the rust gremlins. Act on surface corrosion as soon as it appears. Apply some Hammerite Kurust (or alternative) and stop that rust before it has the chance to spread. Keep you and your family safe in your vehicle, keep it structurally sound and looking as good as the day it left the factory. Rusty vehicles are not only dangerous and unsightly but also incredibly difficult to sell, another reason to get that corrosion sorted. Prevention is always better than expensive repairs. Hammerite Kurust gets our recommendation for your next rust-riddled project.

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