Ford Mondeo Trailing Arm Bush Replacement Cost

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This is a common replacement item thanks to the moving parts surrounding the bushing and high forces acting across the rear axle. Replacement can generally be done on the vehicle, with the right tools, requiring only minimal suspension dismantling and removal.

New suspension bushings will bring about a return in ride quality, allow the vehicle to sail through future MOT’s and return those great driving characteristics that define the Ford Mondeo.

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Estimates Include

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    • Independent Garage: Aftermarket parts
  • Prices are for both sides

Ford Mondeo Rear Trailing Arm Bush Repair Costs

Ford Mondeo MK1 1993-1996

Independent Garage: £150
Franchise Dealer: £250

Ford Mondeo MK2 1997-2000

Independent Garage: £150
Franchise Dealer: £250

Ford Mondeo MK3 2001-2007

Independent Garage: £150
Franchise Dealer: £250

Ford Mondeo MK4 2007-2014

Independent Garage: £150
Franchise Dealer: £250

Ford Mondeo MK5 2014-present

Independent Garage: £150
Franchise Dealer: £250

Disclaimer: Estimates on repair costs, such as the above results for a Ford Mondeo trailing arm bush replacement, are created by combining data from multiple third-party sources. The actual cost of using your local repair providers may be outside of the estimated range. We provide estimates on repair costs for information only and accept no liability for any inaccuracies or errors. If you think an estimate is incorrect, please contact us to let us know.

In Conclusion

Getting worn out suspension bushes replaced can have a dramatic effect on the driveability and safety of any vehicle, being particularly true when applied in this instance, due to the importance of a car’s rear axle.

Getting your vehicle down to your nearest trusted dealer to have the parts replaced won’t cost an arm and a leg but will certainly aid, not only in bringing back driving pleasure to your vehicle but, more importantly, ensuring safe function of the rear suspension. Think of bushes like a long-term service item, rubber parts are sure to degrade eventually, acting before complete failure will likely save you some money and bring your motor back to its peak performance in one go.

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1 Comment

  • Abhi says:

    I have taken quote from few local garages in Edinburgh and the least Quote I have got is 250 from only one garage and rest of all garages quoted me for 300 for my MK4

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