Fiesta Mk7: How To Remove The Exhaust System (Including Manifold)

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It’s hard to find a good guide to removing a Fiesta Mk7 exhaust, so I made my own.


  • WD40
  • Torque Wrench
  • Jack
  • Axle stands (2 minimum)
  • Ratchet
  • Sockets
  • Reciprocating saw/Angle grinder/Handsaw

Step 1: Disconnect The Battery

Before you do anything else, you must disconnect the battery. If you don’t how to do this, check out my guide on how to disconnect a car battery.

Step 2: Disconnect The First O2 Sensor

Disconnect the O2 sensor by pressing the tab on the green clip and pulling.

Once it’s disconnected, move the wire out of the way to prevent it from getting damaged. You will need this for your replacement stock or performance exhaust.

Step 3: Remove The Manifold Upper Heat Shield

Using an 8mm socket remove the 4 bolts on the top of the heat shield and the 2 bolts on either side.

Step 4: Jack Up The Car

Jack up the car and support it with axle stands. If you need help with this, check out my guide to using axle stands.

Step 5: Disconnect & Remove The Second O2 Sensor

Disconnect the second O2 sensor by pressing the tab and pulling.

Using a 22m spanner or O2 sensor socket, remove the sensor from the catalyst.

Step 6: Remove Bolts Connecting Manifold To Mid Pipe

Using a 15mm socket, remove the 2 bolts that connect the exhaust manifold to the rest of the exhaust.

If you have one, use a flexible ratchet. This will allow you to get more leverage on the nuts.

Step 7: Remove Manifold Lower Heat Shield

Using an 8mm socket, remove the 2 bolts on either side of the lower manifold heat shield and remove the heat shield completely.

Step 8: Remove Exhaust Manifold Nuts

You’ll need a good sized ratchet to reach the nuts, be careful when removing the nuts because you really don’t want to snap the stud. If they don’t come off easily, use plenty of WD40 and try tightening them a bit before loosening.

Step 9: Remove Engine Mount Bolt

This step is going to save you a lot of time and effort. Most other guides (if you can find one) will tell you to remove the drive shaft.

Alternatively, it’s much easier remove the engine mount bolt. It will allow the engine to rock slightly to get the exhaust manifold out.

Step 10: Remove Exhaust Manifold

Rock the engine forward slightly to make enough room for the manifold to come out.

Step 11: Cut The Mid Pipe Before The Bracket

With your choice of cutting tool, cut the exhaust pipe after the resonator and before the bracket that it goes over.

Step 12: Cut The Back Box Just Before The Rear Sub-frame

Now cut the exhaust again just before the rear sub-frame. You should be able to slide the S bend pipe out now.

Step 13: Remove The Hangers

Finally, the only thing that is keeping your exhaust on now is the rubber hangers.

To remove these, use plenty of WD40 and pull.


It’s not a difficult job, the only issue you may run into is if the exhaust bolts are rusted on.

If you’re struggling to choose an exhaust, I personally use and highly recommend Milltek.

As usual, if you have any requests for guides, just let me know.

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