The Best Renault Captur Roof Box

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Added practicality, keeping precious possessions out of sight and out of mind. Roof boxes are arguably the easiest and most practical solution for those struggling when it comes to vehicle capacity. Long holidays with the family or adventure trips with friends always require more than any car designer bargained for. Rather than compromising and sacrificing taking useful items, roof boxes can easily add hundreds of litres of extra storage capacity, simply fixing to a Renault Captur’s roof rails.

All that extra capacity, without any major drawbacks. No need to pull an annoying and expensive trailer or rent a larger vehicle/ van. Roof boxes are highly portable, easy to store and compatible with any vehicle that has roof rails. This means a roof box purchase could last a lifetime, effortlessly passing from one vehicle to the next.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing


As with any storage solution, space is king. Larger roof boxes will simply allow for more items to be transported and allow greater scope for awkwardly shaped objects.

Increased size can be a detriment however, extra materials cause extra cost and wider roof boxes prevent the use of the roof rails for extra accessories such as bike racks or sporting equipment like skis or snowboards.

Mounting Type & Roof Rails

Mounting most storage boxes to the roof is as simple as using provided clamps/ straps to attach the box safely to the roof rails. Oddly shaped roof rails or particularly wide/ narrow variants may require additional brackets to be purchased, for the roof box to fit perfectly.

Many brands that sell roof boxes also sell roof rails which allows the products to be perfectly suited together and bolt-up no problem. Thankfully roof rails are standardised in their sizing so will differ only slightly from vehicle to vehicle.


Placing heavy weights onto the roof of a vehicle may cause concern for some about the structural rigidity of the roof. However, as roof rails are mounted to the outer edges of the roof, they instead exert their force down the sizes and through the entire shell of the vehicle. Huge structural steel panels are designed to take crash impact damage, meaning a 50-100kg roof box is unlikely to cause any undue stress at all.

The roof rails however will likely have a maximum load rating. These will be available via the roof rail manufacturer or directly from the vehicle dealership, if they were installed on the vehicle from new or as part of an additional dealer add-on. Always adhere to these maximum load ratings as failure to do so could cause damage or worse, particularly in the case of an accident.


Prized possessions taken on long trips could well be stored in a roof box, along with vital equipment like tents for a camping trip or water/ food containers when out performing sporting activities. Security, therefore, is paramount to a good roof box, this being the reason why many come installed with a locking mechanism or facility to add locks to the case.

Build quality and strength can play an important part here too. A roof box with flexible or soft materials may be bent or broken for thieves to gain entry. Therefore, for maximum security we recommend plumping for a high-quality roof box, with inbuilt security mechanisms and possibly also adding additional padlocks to minimise any risk of theft.

The Best Renault Captur (All Variants) Roof Boxes on the Market

thule motion xt large 629701 thule ocean 80 688006 modula ciao mocs0332 m-way mw5400 summit sum-841
Product Thule Motion XT Large Roof Box 629701 Thule Ocean 80 Roof Box 688006 Modula Ciao Roof Box MOCS0332 M-Way Heavy Duty Roof Box MW5400 Summit Roof Box SUM-841
Dimensions 195x91x44cm 130x85x35cm 140x80x44cm 165x79x37cm 145x94x40cm
Capacity 450l / 75kg 320l / 50kg 340l / 75kg 400l / 50kg 420l / 50kg
Mounting Mechanism Quick connect system U-bolts U-clamps U-clamps U-bolts
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Prices last updated on 29-11-2023

Thule Motion XT Large Roof Box 629701

thule motion xt large 629701

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Swedish brand Thule are well known and highly experienced in the outdoor and adventure marketplace. Their products offer quality fitment, durability and competitive pricing for anything from bike racks to roof boxes and even travel tents. Thule’s quality standards are second to none, while their product range is also highly impressive.

This premium box from Thule is optimised to maximise internal space, with an aerodynamic design and easy installation thanks to Thule’s quick connect system. Integrated torque displays give a clear indication of proper installation, which Thule promising the roof box will fit almost any roof rails. This product also includes a slide lock system, allowing for excellent security, further cemented by strong ABS materials used in its construction.

The large length and width should allow for fitment of even the most awkward objects, with a huge 450l/ 75kg capacity making family holidays a breeze. Thule guarantees longevity, giving a 2-year warranty against discolouration, often caused by the sun.

Dimensions: 195x91x44cm
Mounting mechanism:
Quick connect system
450l/ 75kg


  • Brand specialising in vehicle accessories
  • Huge internal space and capacity
  • Integrated quick connect system with built-in displays to show accurate fitment
  • Strong materials and locking system for maximum security


  • Most expensive roof box listed

Thule Ocean 80 Roof Box 688006

thule ocean 80 688006

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Swedish brand Thule are well known and highly experienced in the outdoor and adventure marketplace. Their products offer quality fitment, durability and competitive pricing for anything from bike racks to roof boxes and even travel tents. Thule’s quality standards are second to none, while their product range is also highly impressive.

This roof box is a highly affordable offering, Thule aiming the product at the budget end of the market, even though this product looks very premium. The ocean 80 box looks very smart from the outside and aims to maximise capacity, despite the smaller dimensions. Narrow dimensions may limit ultimate internal space but allow for mounting of extra accessories like bike carriers alongside, on the roof rails. Convenient front hinges allow access to the roof box from the rear, maximising the opening aperture and allowing storage of awkwardly shaped items with ease.

Strong materials used to construct the roof box and an inbuilt locking system maximise security. The deluxe black paint finish is covered by Thule’s two-year warranty for discolouration.

Dimensions: 130x85x35cm
Mounting mechanism:
320l/ 50kg


  • Compact dimensions perfect for smaller vehicles
  • Gloss black finish
  • Front hinges allow easy loading
  • Strong materials used in construction


  • Smallest capacity (volume) of any roof box featured

Modula Ciao Roof Box MOCS0332

modula ciao mocs0332

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Italian brand Modula may be young and relatively new to the UK market, but their products promise excellent quality, design and good long-term durability. Their vehicle accessory ranges span from bike racks to roof boxes, but each come with their own innovative design, whilst meeting strict European crash tests and regulations. Now operating in 25 countries, Modula are bringing high quality products to customers across Europe.

Small dimensions mean a lower capacity than some rivals, but the narrow (80cm) width will allow additional items to be added to the roof racks if required. Compact dimensions also make this roof box more suitable for smaller cars and lighter loads, also taking up minimal space when off the vehicle. Security of the roof box is handled by an in-built locking system and the product installs easily with the supplied U-clamps.

The Ciao may be a budget option but is constructed from lightweight & strong plastics, while also being coated in a UV protected layer. Modula backs up their build quality with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Dimensions: 140x80x44cm
Mounting mechanism:
340l/ 75kg


  • Least expensive roof storage box featured here
  • High weight capacity for the size
  • Compact dimensions make it ideal for smaller vehicles
  • Includes in-built locking system


  • Relatively unknown brand in the UK market

M-Way Heavy Duty Roof Box MW5400

m-way mw5400

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M-way roof boxes, part of the Menabo group, specialise in vehicle storage accessories. Their roof boxes are built to last, made from tough ABS plastic, allowing all their products to pass strict TUV and city crash regulations. The larger Menabo group has been designing and producing vehicle accessories from Italy since 1972 and are starting to spread their products into the UK marketplace.

Though the narrowest of all the roof boxes listed, M-Way’s offering is not short on space, with a huge 400l capacity. The minimal width also allows for extra items on the vehicles roof rails like bike racks or skis. Multiple fixing holes on the bottom of the unit, along with the supplied U-clamps allow for fitment to almost any vehicle and roof racks. In-built locks are included to maximise security.

M-Way’s roof box is constructed from strong ABS plastics to cope with extreme weather conditions, including harsh UK winters. The black coating is UV stabilised to prevent discolouration in the sun, all backed by the 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Dimensions: 165x79x37cm
Mounting mechanism:
400l/ 50kg


  • Brand specialising in vehicle accessories for nearly 40 years
  • Large capacity for such compact external dimensions
  • Suitable for nearly any vehicle and roof rails
  • Constructed from strong materials for excellent longevity


  • Small weight capacity for the size

Summit Roof Box SUM-841

summit sum-841

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Our last offering comes from the Summit brand. While they do not have the prestige of the aforementioned brands, Summit do well to spread their products across the market, available in lots of countries and for extremely competitive prices. Customer reviews signal good faith in the brand, giving them the edge over most other budget competition in the vehicle accessories sector.

Large dimensions give this roof box a huge 420l capacity, without resorting to higher end, more expensive options. U-bolts are supplied for quick installation onto almost any roof rails, while security is neatly handled by the in-built locking mechanism, including double locks for extra safety.

Strong ABS plastics are coated in a metallic grey finish for a sleek look and resistance to discolouration in the sun.

Dimensions: 145x94x40cm
Mounting mechanism:
420l/ 50kg


  • Lower price than rival high-capacity roof boxes
  • Sleek design and metallic paint finish
  • Simple to install
  • In-built locking system with two locks for added security


  • Small weight capacity for the size

In Conclusion

Though inexpensive, a roof box will likely last for many years and can easily be transferred from car to car. Massive capacity and large dimensions make moving large quantities of items very straightforward without requiring the purchase of a trailer or a larger vehicle. Having items tucked away on the roof also leaves interior room free for passengers and/ or pets.

A relatively small outlay that can massively increase luggage capacity of your Renault Captur seems like a no brainer. There’s no additional maintenance or special licences needed, only a set of roof rails and a few minutes to install. When they aren’t required roof boxes can simply be detached and stored in the garage, or even used as off-vehicle storage for holiday equipment and spares.

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