The Best Engine Oil Additive To Stop Smoke: Diesel & Petrol

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Cars throwing out clouds of smoke behind them are not a pretty sight. Though it’s hardly the picture of a perfectly running vehicle, smoke from your exhaust may not mean terminal damage and expensive repairs. It’s merely a sign that the vehicle is not running at it’s optimum and requires some maintenance and care to get back to its best.

The Best Engine Oil Additive To Stop Smoke Diesel & Petrol
The Best Engine Oil Additive To Stop Smoke Diesel & Petrol

Blue smoke is caused by excess oil being burned in the combustion chamber, somewhere it is not meant to be. Over the years, miles and hundreds of heat cycles, engine components can become worn, warped and brittle.

These components will eventually allow that pesky oil into places it shouldn’t be getting to, creating the smoke and causing poor running from your engine.

ProductWynn’s Oil Stop SmokeLiqui Moly Oil Smoke StopJLM Stop Smoke Oil Treatment
Brand ReputationWell-known and trustedWell-trustedLubricants specialist
PurposeEliminate blue smoke from oil burningPrevent oil burn and reduce oil usageResolve and prevent oil burn, reduce blue smoke, and decrease oil consumption
Method of ApplicationMix with engine oil at the next oil changeMix with 4-6 liters of engine oil at the next oil change or between servicesMix with 5 liters of engine oil at the next oil change
CompatibilitySuitable for petrol, diesel, and LPG vehiclesCompatible with petrol and diesel vehiclesSuitable for petrol, diesel, LPG, and CNG vehicles
Viscosity ImprovementImproves engine oil viscosity and elasticity propertiesMaintains oil viscosity under extreme temperaturesIncreases oil viscosity, particularly at high temperatures
Protection FeaturesProtects engine components in extreme scenariosProtects oil viscosity properties at high temperaturesReduces unwanted play in engine components, increases engine life, and minimizes reliability concerns
ConsMay require multiple cans for larger engined vehicles, no mention of biodiesel compatibilityMay require multiple cans for larger engined vehicles, no mention of LPG or biodiesel compatibilityNo mention of LPG or biodiesel compatibility, relatively more expensive per liter
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How Can an Oil Additive Prevent Excess Smoke?

Black smoke from car exhaust
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Stop smoke additives are mixed with your engine oil in order to enhance its elasticity and viscosity properties. To put it simply, they will give your oil a thicker consistency which will make oil burning problems less likely. These additives also coat engine internal components with a film layer that prevents excess friction and wear.

To help prevent further issues with oil burning in the engine, stop smoke formulas (like other oil additives) will help to rejuvenate seals and gaskets within the engine that are responsible for separating the oil from fuel and water entering the combustion chamber. This will allow the seals to work as designed and get your engine back to running at 100% efficiency, without any excess smoke.

The Stop Smoke Oil Additives on the Market

Wynn’s Oil Stop Smoke

wynns oil stop smoke

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First up, Wynn’s stop smoke product. Wynn’s is a brand we always look to, for vehicle additive products due to their time tested, high quality line of vehicle enhancing offerings. Their stop smoke product literally does just that, it is designed to eliminate blue smoke being emitted from your cars exhaust that occurs due to oil being burned.

This product mixes with your engine oil to improve the viscosity and elasticity properties. The change in properties enables the oil to better seal gaps between worn out engine components that are currently allowing oil to pass through.

Improving oil qualities will prevent oil burn due to high temperature or high load scenarios, creating extra protection for the oil for high speed or heavy load driving.

One can will treat between 3 and 6 litres of engine oil, which is suitable for almost all vehicles in the UK, apart from a small percentage of larger engined cars. It is simply added at your next oil change. Suitable for all petrol, diesel and LPG powered vehicles.


  • Protects engine components in extreme scenarios
  • Eliminates blue smoke
  • Improves the viscosity of engine oil
  • Suitable for petrol, diesel and LPG vehicles
  • Least expensive offering listed


  • May require multiple cans for large engined vehicles
  • No mention of compatibility with biodiesel vehicles

Liqui Moly Oil Smoke Stop

liqui moly oil stop smoke

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Liqui Moly, another respected brand in the sector that also offers a stop smoke additive. Their formula is similar in concept to the products offered from their rivals, preventing oil burn within the combustion chamber and helping ensure minimal excess oil usage.

The stop smoke additive is specifically formulated to prevent oil passing by the piston rings and valve guides within an engine that is well worn. When used, it will prevent oil viscosity changing during extremes of temperature that usually thin the oil and allow it to pass into the combustion chamber.

This will have secondary effects of providing extra protection for engine internal components and the catalytic convertor (which may become damaged due to blue smoke created when burning oil).

Simply add the entire contents of one can into 4-6 litres of engine oil at your next oil change. The product can also be added between services if excess oil usage is noticed. Liqui Moly Smoke Stop is compatible with both petrol and diesel vehicles, while also being suitable for all commercially available oils.


  • Well trusted brand
  • Prevents oil burn and excess oil usage
  • Protects oil viscosity properties at high temperatures
  • Compatible with petrol and diesel vehicles
  • Protection for internal engine parts


  • No mention of LPG or biodiesel compatibility
  • May require multiple cans for larger engined vehicles

JLM Stop Smoke Oil Treatment

jlm oil stop smoke

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Lastly is an offering from Netherlands-based lubricants specialist JLM. Specifically designed for older vehicles, their stop smoke offering aims to resolve and prevent oil burn within your car’s engine, that leads to undesirable blue smoke from your exhaust and excess oil consumption.

Their active formula promises to reduce unwanted play in engine parts by rejuvenating the worn components such as piston rings and valve seals. This results in a better running engine, giving healthier performance and possibly increased fuel economy.

The high concentration of the product gives extra viscosity to the engine oil ensuring better adhesion to moving parts, thereby increasing engine life and minimising future reliability concerns.

Suitable for all modern engine oils as well as being usable for petrol, diesel, LPG and CNG powered vehicles. One can will treat up to 5 litres of engine oil (suitable for most engines below 2.5l in capacity), simply mixed and added at the next oil change.


  • Reduce unwanted play in engine components
  • Improved performance and fuel economy
  • Increases oil viscosity, particularly at high temperatures
  • Reduces reliability concerns
  • Can be used with all modern engine oils


  • Most expensive per litre
  • No mention of compatibility with biodiesel vehicles
  • Likely to require multiple cans for larger engined vehicles

In Conclusion

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Don’t give up on your vehicle just because a little blue smoke begins to follow you on every journey. Some engines will be beyond repair but in general, if your vehicle still appears to run correctly, or close to how it always has, then a little excess oil consumption could well be the cause.

Address the ugly smoke trail, ensure your engine is running at maximum efficiency and protect your vehicle for years to come. Improvements in performance and fuel economy are not uncommon to be found, meaning you might save a few pounds at the pump as well as avoiding huge garage bills. Try out a stop smoke product if the dreaded blue vapours have found their way into your life.

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What is the best oil additive to stop smoking?

The best oil additive to stop smoking depends on the cause, but look for smoke-reducing additives with seal conditioners and detergents. However, it’s essential to diagnose and address the specific issue causing the smoke, as additives are not a permanent fix.

What additive stops smoking engines?

Additives designed to reduce oil consumption and improve engine sealing can help stop smoking engines, particularly those emitting blue or white smoke. They may provide temporary relief, but long-term solutions involve fixing underlying mechanical problems.

Can oil treatment stop engine smoking?

Oil treatments can reduce engine smoking caused by oil consumption. They often contain additives to enhance oil viscosity and sealing properties, but they are not a permanent solution. Proper diagnosis and repairs are needed to address the root cause of the smoking.

How do I stop my oil from smoking?

To stop your oil from smoking, diagnose the issue first. Ensure the correct oil level, perform regular maintenance, use quality engine oil, and address mechanical problems like worn piston rings or valve seals. Consulting a professional mechanic for proper diagnosis and repair is crucial. Avoid using additives as a long-term solution.

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