How Much Does An Air Conditioning Regas Cost?

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An aircon regas (otherwise known as a recharge) is a simple, quick and easy way to keep your vehicle’s air conditioning system in top shape for when those sticky summer months hit. The process essentially entails draining your car’s A/C gas and fluids, cleaning out the system and replacing the old gas and fluid with fresh refrigerant and lubricant. This may sound complicated and potentially costly to those of us who aren’t trained technicians, but don’t worry – this article will break down exactly what you can expect to pay for what is ultimately a relatively simple service.

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Air Conditioning Regas Price Breakdown

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As you can see, the cost for this crucial service is nowhere near as high as you would first expect given the complex inner workings of modern climate control systems. Despite this, an aircon regas will have your vehicle once again blowing cold, clean, fresh air into the cabin – putting the enjoyment back into driving and allowing you to stay cool and focussed on the road ahead, even on the most sweltering of summer days.

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